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Uganda Police Blocks Opposition Leader’s Anti-Corruption Walk - Bridge Africa 24
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Uganda Police Blocks Opposition Leader’s Anti-Corruption Walk

On Monday December 5th 2019, Kizza Besigy was blocked on his way to the venue in which he had earlier organized for an anti-corruption walk that day. Mr. Kizza was rudely interrupted by the police as he was rushing to lead a walk which he calls anti-corruption walk early that day. The police and other authorities see this action of his as a pretext to a hidden plan.

This match was to take place in Kampala, the Capital of Uganda. The Kampala police authority foresaw a motive of creating a chaos in the county’s capital, so had to stop the anti-corruption walk.

According to one of Kampala’s Metropolitan police spokesman Patrick Onyango, he said he alerted the police when he discovered that behind the anti-corruption walk scheduled by Mr. Kizza, there was a hidden chaos plan, which was to keep the nation capital in an unfavorable state for some while, and which he forecast it generating to other serious state crisis.

“They were planning to cause chaos in the city,” police spokesman Mr. Onyango added. He continued to clarify issues about the situation that actually Mr. Kizza was hindered from performing his anti-corruption walk due to his hidden plans. He was asked to peacefully return to his home but he resisted and wanted to make a show out of it, and a headline in news so the police gave him a helping hand by delivering him at his domicile, without brutality or any form of violence on him. Confirmation from the spokesman shows that Mr. Kizza is not under arrest as he is currently in his house with his family but guarded for the time being as part of state security measures.

“He cannot be pretending to fight corruption because he is at the Apex of state corruption in Uganda” said one of the main leader who headed the corruption march on behalf of the state, Mr. Besigye

The stopped anti-corruption walk which was to be headed by opposition leader Mr. Kizza, was not actually seen as an anti-corruption walk but equally as a competition and response to a similar anti-corruption walk headed by Museven, a citizen from Besigye who headed a governmental march against corruption. So this was seen as competition with the state.

Some recommendations were made by Mr. Besigye to the state, who commissioned him to head the march. He recommended that henceforth police officials should be recruited on the bases of integrity. The reason behind this suggestion was not disclosed, but was considered by the state. So Mr. Kizza was to do the same march, bring out his own recommendation which was already known by all not to be considered by the state. This would have resulted to a chaos and termed “discrimination” so the timely intervention was the only option.

Statistically, Uganda appears 149th out of 175 corrupt countries.


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