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DR CONGO: Anti-UN protests continue and become more violent as heavy gunfire erupts

Protesters continue to ask the UN peace keepers to leave the Beni area in violent demonstrations leaving at least two dead.

In Beni area, town found in DR Congo, demonstrations against UN peace keepers become more and more violent as gunfire rang out in the city on Monday.  Protesters are demanding the United Nations’ withdrawal from the city again as they marched towards the UN headquarters.

Hundreds of demonstrators attempting to get close to the UN compound housed inside the airport near Beni, were blocked by Security forces. This house is one of two UN bases in the area.

According to our sources, “The army is saying the protests are no longer peaceful. They will not accept protesters to gather anywhere near the UN compound,”

The continuation of these protests is as a result of built up anger resulting from a perceived failure of UN peacekeepers to protect civilians from deadly rebel attacks with several mass demonstrations targeting UN facilities in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Last week as seen below, at least 31 people lost their lives as a result of attack from armed groups believed to be ADF fighters.

On Friday, at least 19 people were killed by attackers believed to be from the feared Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an armed group operating in the dense forests bordering Uganda. Many of the victims were hacked to death or beheaded, according to local rights groups.

Eight Beni residents were killed late on November 24 by suspected ADF fighters, prompting angry protesters to take to the streets.

Last Monday, four people were killed in clashes with security forces after angry demonstrators torched the mayor’s office and attacked several UN buildings in Beni.

All of these civilian killings have left the population angry and frustrated in the UN’S peace keeping forces’ incapacity to protect them from the rebel groups.


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