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Cameroon Airlines Plane Fired On By Separatist Rebels

The persistent and growing conflict between the government and separatists commonly known as Ambazonian fighters has escalated to the point where a Cameroon Airlines (CAMAIR-CO) plane was brought down to a zero level of motion yesterday December 1, 2019.

According to reports, the plane left the Douala International Airport technically faultless. Though the destination of the plane was not revealed, it was believed to have been flying over the Bamenda horizon where it was brought down by unknown rebels.

According to THE GUARDIAN POST Newspaper, the unidentified gunmen where suspected to be Ambazonian rebel fighters. The guardian post went further to say that the aircraft which is grounded at the Bafut airport in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon took a total of 14 bullets, which led to its fall.

The unauthorized grounding of the aircraft is as a result of the ongoing socio-economic conflict between the Cameroon government, and two of her most populated regions-the Southwest and Northwest.

According to reports, the crisis which began sometime in 2017 has left approximately 400 persons dead, while half a million more people have been forced to abandon their homes for safety.

Meanwhile, Cho Ayaba, one of the main separatist leaders and president of the Ambazonian council has revealed that commercial planes are commonly used to transport government militants to the North West Region of Cameroon. He equally added that the grounding of the aircraft was not a surprise to the Camair-co aircraft him, they have issued several warnings that any plane which is to land, or fly over the Bamenda horizon should be notified first by the aircraft authorities, if not it will be brought down.

“If we cannot confirm all the flights on our horizon and territory, we will consider all planes coming in and flying above as security risks and we will gun them down for this is war” He added.

Recently, lots of measures have been put in place to establish peace within these regions, but it seems to fail as both parties have constantly accused each other of atrocities which range from Kidnapping, rape, unjustified dead and spontaneous corps found within these regions.

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