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Protesters in ALGERIA say ‘there will not be a vote’ as election loom

On Friday 21st November Algerians marched through Algiers to protest against an election scheduled for December, rejecting a vote they say is still fraught with former regime officials.
Many Algerians citizen took to the streets to express their denial to participate in an election scheduled for december. The citizens marched on the streets waving flags, carrying banners, and chanting against the ruling elite, the military and the recent wave of arrests on demonstrators.
The vote which is expected to take placein less than a moth has 5 candidates racing. Algerians protesters opinion on their refusal to vote is the involvement of former regime officials in the elctions and the high levelof fraud they suspect will take placeduring the elections. Protesters say there “will not be a vote”, not with many demonstrators still in jail for expressing their opinion. The reason for the protests is to replace the old guard of rulers who have wielded power since independence. They also demand an end to corruption and the withdrawal of the military from politics. These mass protests that erupted in February, and unseated veteran president Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April, have mostly taken place on Fridays and Tuesdays.

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