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Algeria: Jounalists Suspended For Criticism

Four Algerian journalists of the Algerian Time newspaper have been suspended as a result of social media criticism on another Algerian newspaper “francophone pro-pouvoir”.

As the story goes, the cover page of Algerian Time newspaper is the main reason that triggered the suspension of these journalists who took part in Monday’s edition

Mr. Issa Moussi coordinated their famous ‘‘Unanimity for the need of mass vote” edition with three other journalists.

Reports say that mr. issa denounced the edition as ‘‘shameful” stating that it didn’t reflect the reality of things on ground. The denunciation of Issa whom was present at the edition was as a result of the facts. “this in no way reflects the reality on the ground” Issa added. That is to say there is a wider gap between what was said on the platform and the reality among the Algerian population.

This perpetrated act of revealing the reality of things, provoked the suspension of Mr. Issa with three other journalists whom where present on the platform during this edition. The suspension was done immediately they finished from the platform.

Meanwhile The editor of the program suffered the same faith, despite his attempt to defend his action and safe his job. The suspension of these four journalist created a great gap which affected the French newspaper and consequently made it fail to appear as usual on Wednesday.

Reports say a note from the management department declared that they are suspended till the next disciplinary council meeting for tarnishing the image of the newspaper.

This suspension and unpredictable outcome of the disciplinary council decision meeting, prompted journalists from other media houses, to gather, Wednesday in front of the “New time Media”, a media owned by Ali Haddad, a business man whom is considered to have a close relationship with Abdelaziz Bouteflika who is currently incarcerated for corruption

Though the protest of the journalist was due to the suspension of one of their own who spoke the truth, it is not the first of its kind. Records shows that in Algeria, journalists have protested several time since the beginning of Hirak to denounce censorship and the way public television covers their editions in a manner which does not give the journalists freedom of speech, but to say what the management is expected of them.


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