Koranic schools in Northern Nigeria shut down as police raids intensify

Some 150 students including 22 females have again been freed by Nigerian authorities fron another purported Koranic school in Northern Kaduna state.

This is the fourth of such operation in a month which now counts at 1000 people released from religious schools, also serving as rehabilitation centres for children with behavioural problems, in northern Nigeria.

The condition of those freed was not immediately clear, but the police in Kaduna said some of the captives had been chained to the walls, beaten and sexually molested.

As a result of the continuous police raids, operators of an Islamic school in the northern Nigerian city of Kano have closed the facility – and have released the “students” to their parents.

The school’s owner, Sheikh Muhammad Aminu Abubakar, told BBC Hausa that nearly 100 male students had been released to their parents who brought them to the institution.

Mr Abubakar said he was shocked and appalled at the discovery of abuse in other centres raided by the police in the past few weeks.

He said they used counselling and religious teachings to rehabilitate the students and not torture in his own correctional centre.

Authorities in Nigeria have recently intensified raids on religious correctional centres that are accused of torturing their captives.

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