Africa’s greatest educational crisis experienced in C.A.R

The Central African Republic is facing one of the largest education crisis in Africa.

Young refugee, Gothier Semi is finally back in school with the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“Education is the key to life. Without an education I can’t live in peace. Losing five years of schooling has taken me so many steps back”, Semi said.

But the lack of funds may jeopardize the education of these young ones.

David Yakouma is principal for the Central African Republic high school.

“Children were forced to flee, leave their studies, run to the bush, run to wherever they could. And they’ve lost years: years at home, years in the bush, years in exile, without being able to study”, Yakouma said.

Gothier and his cousin Prince-Bonhuer fled their home in the Central African Republic in 2013 to escape the civil war. In the two Congos, like most teenagers, the cousins had no school to attend.

“A country in which children aren’t able to go to school is a country that’s dead, so we are preparing the future of tomorrow”, Yakouma added.

Peace has gradually started to return since 2016 in parts of this Central African nation.

Thus people have begun to come home. Gothier’s cousin Prince remains in exile and longs for the chance to learn.


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