Nigeria: man alerts bank to reverse a mistaken transfer of over $20,000 into his account

A Nigerian engineer who banks with the Diamond Bank of Nigeria on Tuesday August 15 drew the attention of his bank after the whopping sum of over 7.3 million naira (equivalent to about $20,100) was mistakenly transferred into his account.

The Good Samaritan did not proceed with a phone call but rather used the social media platform, Twitter to draw the attention of his bank to rectify the error.

“Dear @DiamondBankNG exactly at this time yesterday 7,310,000.00, seven million three hundred and ten thousand was transferred to my account,” the first in his series of tweets read.

According to engineer, he made the report 24 hours after the transfer was made into his account as he waited for a bank official to contact him through this time to no avail. He asked the bank to follow him on Twitter before he sent details of the transfer.

“I had to escalate here on twitter and also visit the closest branch to request for the reversal of the erroneous credit transfer,” another tweet read. He confirmed later that a bank official had contacted him in respect of the transaction.

He went on to talk about his lack of motivation to keep the money and to stressed on the need for honesty in one’s dealings.

“The moment I got the credit alert, the next thing I thought of was returning it, I never thought otherwise, it wasn’t even a hard decision.I have no desire to argue with anyone. I choose to return it because it does not belong to me, We are not all the same, I want peace of mind. I did not do it for fear; I did it because it was the right thing to do. I was taught to always do the right thing even though it was hard. In life, we get what we deserve, we will sooner or later get back what we give to the world, and it is a boomerang effect. What really belong to us eventually comes by naturally; we do not need to compel anything because that will not help. My money (Your money) will come, when it will come, and with peace of mind I, We will enjoy. “Honesty still remains the best policy”!”

Twitter users responded by hailing his action and re-tweeted with messages of congratulation and thumbs up while the bank on their part described him as ‘one rare diamond.’ his action is unique as it came on August 15, the day of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven.

Source: Africanews

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